Jamaican food is just super, it is wide in its range and super healthy.

Food from Jamaica includes: ackee and saltfish, seasoned callaloo, boiled green bananas, and fried dumplings. Courses include Ackee and salt fish, Jerk chicken – grilled Jerk-spiced chicken/pork, Curry goat/mutton, Jamaican patties (beef, chicken, vegetarian, sailfish). Brown Stew Chicken, Escoveitch fish (similar to Spanish escabeche), Oxtail with broad beans, Corned Beef and cabbage, Salt fish with cabbage or callaloo, Steamed fish, Jamaican spiced bun, Mannish Water (Head and “man meat” of Goat soup) – said to be an aphrodisiac.

Traditionally eaten at New Year’s Eve, Coconut Rundown – spicy mackerel and coconut stew, Fish tea, Rice and peas – rice stewed with beans and coconut milk. Otherwise known as “Jamaican Coat of Arms“, Festival – Jamaican-style sweet fried maize dumpling, Pilau – a dish containing rice, chicken, pork, shellfish, and vegetables, similar to Paella while the name is derived from the Indian pulav, Red Peas Soup, Stewed Peas, Callaloo, Cabbage, Pepperpot Soup, Okra (also Okra and salt fish stew), Pigfoot, Cowfoot, Solomon gunny, Spinners – dumplings shaped by “spinning” them in the hands, Coco bread, Bulla cake, Hard dough bread and Bammy

Within our website you will find many recipes and cooking tips from the wonderful island of JA.

Below you will find many of our favourite recipes as video slide shows, these are step by step recipes with details and photos.

Press pause on the instruction slides to make notes if necessary. You will find traditional and contemporary recipes within this video selection.

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